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The details of Solar Pack

  1. Opening door to unload the container. Remotely controlled locking, closing and opening actuated by 2 hydraulic cylinders. Safety bars must be put in place to avoid undesired lowering of the door because of oil pressure failure.
  2. During the opening and closing cycle of the feeding system the compression chamber remains closed 
  3. If the feeding system is actuated the compression chamber and compaction system remain closed 
  4. Service space .Contains all controls and system components, closed with as well a steel door and lockable shutter door. 
  5. The solar panels are protected against vandalism by an ELVAR top layer of 4 mm. 
  6. The captured electricity is stored in the 24 V Rolls batteries 
  7. The waste container is robust and durable constructed with Hardox 450 and Stainless 316 parts